January 11, 2012

What men's habits annoy girls the most ?

The top 20 imperfections in men :

1. Not getting on with his gf's family

2. Using others toothbrush

3. Leaving the toilet dirty

4. Hating his gf's friends

5. Not being good with children

6. Being lazy

7. Having a big bushy beard that you never shave

8. Leaves nail clippings out

9. Driving like a boy racer

10. Being grumpy

11. Being a mummy's boy

12. Using the toilet with the door open

13. Leaving dirty washing on the floor

14. Unkempt facial hair

15. Criticising girls driving

16. Burping or farting

17. Not liking pets

18. Not helping with washing up

19. Watching too much sport

20. Not helping with the cooking

so girl , which one annoy you the most ? :P

byebye , muahhhhhhhhh !


  1. Replies
    1. heheheh xD nak buat cmne , research :D

  2. I hate almost all from the above. Isk. Tak sangka ada yg seteruk tu :'D Haha


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