May 6, 2011

Here 10 tips for Looking More Slender :D

hollaaa hollaaaa :D
hee korang semua sihat tak ? how are you today peeps ? :)
as you all see , im smiling all the times today :D haha
that enough showing how good and healthy i am today :) alhamdulillah ^^

hee niy bubu nak share HOW TO LOOKS MORE SLENDER ! :) hee sbb bubu pun ade masalah bab bab dress up plus nak nampak kurus , tapi tak kurus , so nak sorok , cmne ? :D hikhik

nahh.. ^^

1.If you’re pear-shaped, be sure to choose jeans that provide an easy fit. Loose-fitting styles won't be clingy. Tight jeans are the last thing we pears need!
Look for slightly flared hems or boot-cut styles. Both will detract attention away from pears’ problem areas -- the thighs, saddlebags and derriere.

2.Boat neck necklines, which are popular for spring’s ¾ length sleeve tops, have a slimming effect on the upper body.

3.Pulling your hair up and away from your shoulders will peel away pounds. Try sweeping your hair into a high ponytail and you'll be surprised at how much slimmer your face looks.

4.Not only are vertical- and pin-stripes slimming, but asymmetrical stripes such as miter stripe blouses and tunics also work. They have a lengthening effect on your upper body.

5.A sheer blouse over a matching opaque tank skims the body so your entire silhouette looks slimmer.

6.If you worry about your waistline, try some jeans or pants that sit low on your hips, as they will slenderize your trouble spot. Slacks that have a waist that hit just below your navel will make your midriff seem longer and slimmer.

7.If you're burdened with a belly bulge, choose relaxed fit jeans. The elasticized waist may help tame that bothersome tummy. Pleat-fronted pants will balloon your middle, so they're a definite don't. Flat front and side-zip styles are a do.

8.Always remember that oversized clothes don't help camouflage problem areas. Excess fabric only makes you look bulkier. Don't try to hide under your clothes!

9.Wispy bangs make a round face seem less so. Loose curls and waves can also have a slimming effect, so consider a body wave. Chunky highlights on the sides of your face will elongate it.

10.Last, but not least, everyone has a feature they know works for them. Instead of always focusing on covering up what you don't like, learn to flaunt what you do.
For example, a sleeveless dress will make everyone notice your awesome arms; a shorter-length skirt will draw attention to a great pair of gams.

You will feel so much better about how you look if you spend as much time focusing on the positive as you do hiding your figure flaws!

happy trying !

okay,bai . ^^

mood : rushing woot woot ! hee
bubu tga rushing typing nieh :P takut tertinggal flight pulak nk gy holiday at kuching ^^ sempat jugak leave something tuk korang semua :DD muchos lovee! :))

bye bye , nak pergy terbang jumpe miaww miaww ! xD
wuhuu~ take care semuaaa ^^


  1. haha kalau dah gemuk tu pakai ape pun tetap gemuk jugak ;D

  2. wahhh,,nice entry cik bubu comell..oke then..tke cre k n enjoy ur holiday...=)

  3. cik bubu, utk girls je ke? jejaka 'ramping' macam sy plak macamana? huhu :P

  4. ihsan ariffin : hha ye tak ye gak an ? cm cik bubu :PP hee

  5. cikida : hee tenkiu cikida sygs ^^

  6. afzal : huhu hee nanty bubu cari kuang3 . xP hee thnks btw cmmnt ^^


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